Modernist x MetaBurnett's DeMODE Takes NYFW SS24 by Storm, Ushering in a New Epoch in Fashion and Tech

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NEW YORK, NY -- Modernist and MetaBurnett's DeMODE was more than a spectacle; it was a game-changer. Hosted during the 15th anniversary of Nolcha Shows at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) on September 10, 2023, DeMODE delivered a jaw-dropping fusion of fashion, art, and groundbreaking technology, captivating both the industry and audiences.

The Afterglow of Nolcha Shows

As a highlight of Nolcha Shows' 15-year celebration at Mercedes-Benz Manhattan, DeMODE wasn't merely an attraction but a transformative experience, setting new standards in fashion technology.

A Revolutionary Experience

The event revolutionized audience engagement through NFC-enabled garments, unlockable 3D content, and a digital token ecosystem. This web3 innovation was fueled by R-Pac’s Twin Tag Technology, powered by MetaBurnett and

Kelly Max, Founder and Creative Maverick of Modernist:

"DeMODE exceeded our wildest expectations. Thanks to Emily Burnett and our invaluable partners like, R-Pac, BitBasel, SpaceBlue, Lunaprise, DCG Media, Fashion Mingle, Global Luxury, and Total Trends Intl, we have shown the world our boundless creativity."

Emily Burnett, Founder & CEO of MetaBurnett:

"Thanks to our designers and partners for making DeMODE a groundbreaking moment for fashion and technology. We have turned this into a cultural movement, and we're only just beginning."

The Galaxy of Talent

Esteemed designers like Romeo Hunte, Pamela Dennis, and Renee Cafaro Atelier Public Label combined forces with emerging stars such as Designs by Outer, Merci Dupre, Ms. Jaxn Designs, Robin Hoodd, 1. Cre ar+, Yola Colón, Teddy McRitchie Designs, and Stephanie Dillon, captivating every spectator and ensuring the spotlight remained fixed on the showcase.

Elevating the design spectacle, DeMODE's allure was heightened by the hairstyling genius of celebrity hairdresser Ted Gibson and the makeup artistry of Buffy Hernandez. Their curation, inspired by Modernist Art, infused the event with an unmatched level of quality and panache.

Complementing this galaxy of talent, DeMODE was further enriched by our showcase partners: DCG Media, Fashion Mingle, Global Luxury, and Total Trends Int. Their invaluable contributions crafted a uniquely curated experience, setting a new standard for New York's fashion elite.

A Cosmic Success

Modernist's art is set for an unprecedented lunar journey as part of the Lunaprise Moon Museum, curated by SpaceBlue and set to be transported via a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket. DeMODE is quite literally reaching for the stars.

What's Next?

Modernist is eyeing MIAMI Art Week, launching the first-ever MOOON.PARTY in collaboration with Soundromeda, BitBasel, and Art with Me. "From the runway to the Milky Way, we're looking forward to making history with artists, tastemakers, moon aficionados, and space lovers. We have something very special and one-of-a-kind in the making." says Kelly Max.

Emily Burnett: "If you thought DeMODE was the zenith, you're in for a surprise. We're far from done."

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