Narratize Unveils World’s First Generative AI White Paper

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CINCINNATI, OH -- Narratize, a pioneering generative AI co-author for innovative enterprises, is proud to announce that they have launched the world’s first generative AI white paper use case.

The latest addition to Narratize’s use case library leverages the company’s patent-pending Human-Led AI methodology to empower users to create an accurate, compelling white paper in a handful of hours. This use case redefines what’s possible with prompt architecture in the generative AI space, as the field continues to transform how we write and communicate at work.

White Papers: Difficult, Critical, and Expensive Content Assets

White papers are ubiquitous across industries as critical content pieces that convince and convert key stakeholders. The best white papers inform, persuade, and captivate with engaging storytelling, clear translation of complex material, and rigorous research. Because white papers are technical and high-stakes, these assets can often take months for a content team to bring to life. They are also extremely expensive to outsource: a white paper can cost between $15K–$30K, depending on complexity and industry.

The Narratize White Paper Use Case empowers marketing, product, and innovation teams to create this high-value use case at a fraction of the time and expense. The use case features:

  1. Human-led AI methodology that draws subject matter expertise and tacit knowledge from users, infusing each sentence with key insights. 
  2. Narrative algorithms that are proven to spark buy-in for innovative products, ideas, processes, and methodologies.
  3. A user-friendly interface facilitates editing and collaboration for content teams.
  4. Developed by PhDs in scientific and technical writing with over a decade of experience crafting mission-critical white papers for fast-growth startups and Fortune 1000 brands.

In a study of 500 global researchers, product managers, engineers, and scientists, 73% of respondents rated Narratize more or much more accurate than ChatGPT

"Our commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve has led us to this exciting milestone," says CEO and Co-Founder Katie Trauth Taylor, PhD. "The White Paper Use Case in Narratize reflects our dedication to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation success in their respective industries. We are thrilled about the possibilities that this achievement opens up for optimizing more high-value, highly-technical use cases for enterprises everywhere."

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Narratize combines the power of narrative science with cutting-edge generative AI technology to ensure that no great idea is left untold. From optimizing research & development processes to scaling product launch, Narratize empowers brands with transformative ideas to unleash their full potential.

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