TruuBlue: New Progressive Dating App Brings Like-Minded Singles Together

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BOULDER, CO -- TruuBlue, a dating app focused on matching socially progressive singles, has officially launched in Colorado. Founder and CEO Dennis Hefter is thrilled to announce the app’s exclusive Colorado launch will offer progressives a safe place to find like-minded singles with similar ideologies to create lasting relationships.

With the online dating world becoming increasingly popular and competitive, TruuBlue recognizes a need to provide singles with an app that prioritizes matching individuals with shared social values. TruuBlue utilizes its patent-pending algorithm to align users’ views on subjects such as Pro-Choice, Climate Change, and Gun Control, among others.

According to American Perspectives Survey, political affiliation is now the 4th highest dating priority after children, smoking, and religion. Additionally, research from Axios shows that among single Democrats, 71% say they would not be in a relationship with someone who has opposing political views.

Unlike most dating apps, TruuBlue does not use the traditional “Like” and “Match” progression. They have developed a unique “Ice Breaker'' feature that starts and maintains meaningful conversations quickly, resulting in more compatibility and more dates. As the first and only app to use member ratings on important social issues, TruuBlue specifically focuses on matching users' passions and opinions on social values to create meaningful, long-term relationships.

“Launching in Colorado is exciting for us and we can’t wait to serve our founding members here in our home state,” says Hefter.

“In the current political climate, it’s important that singles with strong progressive beliefs feel confident and secure in their choices when choosing potential life partners. We are confident TruuBlue can provide the solution.”

TruuBlue’s core values set them apart from the rest of the dating apps with their three pillars: Environmental, Equality, and The Golden Rule. Part of the TruuBlue philosophy identifies the importance of fighting for clean water, clean air, and conservation of precious natural resources, as well as equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those having physical or mental disabilities or belonging to minority groups. Finally, TruuBlue ascribes to the notion that “we are better people when we treat others as we wish to be treated. When one is harmed, we’re all harmed; when one is helped, we’re all helped.”

To become part of the founding group of users, download the TruuBlue app, available on iOS and Android devices, by visiting the Apple Store or Google Play and download the free app now. 

For more information, visit TruuBlue’s site or check them out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. A media kit is available here.

About TruuBlue

TruuBlue is a dating app designed for socially progressive singles. Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2021 by Dennis Hefter, TruuBlue’s mission is to provide progressives a safe place to find like-minded singles with similar ideals by matching important social values to create meaningful and lasting relationships.

About Dennis Hefter

Dennis Hefter is the founder of TruuBlue LLC, a mobile app development and marketing company based in Boulder, Colorado. The TruuBlue dating app, which focuses on bringing socially progressive singles together, was introduced in Colorado in 2023. TruuBlue is expanding throughout North America and will soon be available in all U.S. states. While Dennis met his wife, Ellen, in middle school, he knows that not everyone can be so lucky. He hopes with TruuBlue, he can help progressive singles find their match.

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