News Distributor Comtex and Tech Platform EZ Newswire Announce Partnership

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NEW YORK, NY -- Comtex News Network, a leading aggregation and syndication platform for business and general news, today announced a partnership with EZ Newswire, a technology platform that makes it easy for businesses to create and publish their news. With this collaboration, Comtex clients will soon be able to access EZ Newswire’s premium publisher network to drive visibility through EZ Newswire’s high-quality sites.

Founded in 1980, Comtex is both an aggregator and syndicator of electronic real-time news and content gathered from thousands of publications, including press release providers, national and international news bureaus, agencies, publications and web news with both global and local coverage. Comtex content is available as both real-time feeds with API delivery and in archive format suitable for machine ingestion and AI/LLM training. Comtex’s syndication network spans thousands of destinations including financial information platforms, major investment tools, retail brokerage, and high value websites reaching over 950 million readers.

EZ Newswire is an AI-powered platform and integrated publisher network that enables businesses to seamlessly create and publish their news to exclusive media outlets. Since its launch last May, the company’s offering has attracted a wide range of customers, including Priceline, College of Charleston, and hundreds of businesses in over 800 cities and towns across the country. In addition to the Associated Press, EZ Newswire added The Post and Courier, a Pulitzer Prize winner and South Carolina’s paper of record, to its exclusive publisher network in August, Alex Kantrowitz’s Big Technology in October, and Claire Atkinson’s The Media Mix in December. EZ Newswire was founded in 2020 and its investors include HearstLab as well as former top executives of media companies such as Ziff Davis, Forbes, Hearst, and Sinclair.

“Having focused on news content for over 30 years of our business, we have experienced firsthand the significant transformation of the news ecosystem during that time. We believe that EZ Newswire is on the forefront of this change and our partnership is a natural opportunity to further strengthen our offering as a content specialist and syndication platform,” said Kan Devnani, Comtex’s president and CEO.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Comtex as we continue to expand our publisher network and add to our technological capabilities,” added Neel Shah, founder of EZ Newswire.

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Founded in 1980, Comtex News Network is the leading aggregator and distributor of electronic real-time news and content. Comtex has robust syndication and traffic generation capabilities offering a turnkey platform for publishers of content to reach vast audiences and gain visibility for their content. For more information, visit or contact

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EZ Newswire is a platform that makes it easy for businesses to create, publish, and amplify their news. Our technology produces professional announcements in minutes, while our publisher network guarantees placement to ensure the news reaches the right audience. From Main Street to Wall Street, find out why thousands of organizations trust us to power their headlines at


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