Om Mushroom Superfood Joins Forces with Industry Leaders to Promote Scientifically Accurate Information

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VISTA, CA -- Om Mushroom Superfood (Om) and parent company M2 Ingredients (M2), a company specializing in environmentally controlled mushroom farming, announced today that it has joined forces with other U.S. mushroom growers—Fungi Perfecti, LLC, Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc., and Monterey Mushrooms Inc.—to emphasize the importance of conveying scientifically accurate information to the public, FDA, and other thought leaders in the field. The move comes in response to a puzzling opinion presented in a recent FDA Citizen Petition submitted by Nammex, which obfuscates the use of well-established mycological definitions. Nammex and their brand Real Mushrooms import mushroom extracts from China.  The response and the complete list of initial signatories can be found here.

Om Mushroom Superfood and M2 Ingredients aims to promote transparency and clarity in the mushroom industry. As a company committed to quality and food safety, Om uses sustainable growing methods to grow mushrooms in an environmentally controlled, Certified Organic, BRCGS AA rated farm in Carlsbad, California. Om and M2 understand the importance of providing scientifically accurate information to consumers and industry professionals alike.

"We believe that it is our responsibility to provide factual and scientifically accurate information to our customers," said Steve Farrar, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Om and M2. "We are proud to join forces with other industry leaders to promote transparency and clarity in the mushroom industry."

Om/M2’s controlled farming practices allow for optimal growing conditions, in an environment free of pesticides or pollutants, resulting in high-quality organic mushrooms. With over four decades of growing experience, the Om Mushroom Superfood/M2 Ingredients team has developed expertise in managing light, temperature, hydration, and air flow for each of the 11 species of mushrooms it grows.

Looking to the future, Om/M2 plans to continue promoting scientifically based and accurate information in the mushroom industry. The company is committed to providing consumers with high-quality, certified organic mushrooms that support overall health and wellness.

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