Opencollab Launches Module-Based Service to Assist Startups in Venturing into Asia

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SEOUL, Korea -- Opencollab, a leading integrated service provider for SMEs and startups in content localization, PR, and executive on demand, today announced the launch of a 13 module-based service for "mix and match" to help international startups and growth stage tech companies expand into the Asian market. Opencollab Ltd, based in Hong Kong, offers a comprehensive range of services including market research, expert guidance for seamless company setup, Executive-as-a-Service (EaaS) for success in Korea and Japan, content localization in over 20 languages, and PR power to gain local traction with media coverage in local languages. Entrepreneurs can now turn their Asian dreams into reality by visiting

Expanding into the Asian market can be a daunting task for startups and growing tech companies. Opencollab's module-based service provides the necessary support and resources to navigate the challenges of entering this dynamic and diverse market. With their market research expertise, Opencollab uncovers unique opportunities for businesses to thrive in Asia. Their expert guidance streamlines the company setup process, ensuring a seamless transition into the Asian market. Additionally, Opencollab's Executive-as-a-Service (EaaS) offers startups access to experienced executives who can provide valuable insights and local market knowledge in Korea and Japan. The content localization services in over 20 languages and PR power further enhance businesses' ability to gain local traction and expand their reach in Asia.

David Kim, Managing Partner of Opencollab, stated, "We are thrilled to launch this module-based service and help startups and growing tech companies achieve success in Asia. Our team of experts based in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Vietnam is dedicated to providing the necessary support and guidance to ensure businesses can effectively navigate the complexities of the Asian market. With our comprehensive range of services, we are confident that Opencollab will be a valuable partner and Asia growth manager for companies looking to expand their presence in this region." Kim added, "Isn't it puzzling that your company, with worldwide product exports and business dealings in 50 countries, still maintains a website available only in English (4.6% of the world's population), Korean (0.7%), or Japanese (1.6%)? Let's make a simple wish today! Next Monday, when you return to work, your website will undergo a magical transformation! What once reached only 0.7% or 4.6% of the global population will now captivate 24%, 40%, or more of potential customers worldwide. How exciting!"

Looking ahead, Opencollab aims to continue expanding its services and offerings to meet the evolving needs of startups and growing tech companies in Asia. The company remains committed to providing innovative solutions and expert support to enable businesses to thrive in this dynamic market.

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SOURCE: Opencollab

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