Orbital Kitchens Launches New Chinese Takeout Concept, Lucky Māo

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NEW YORK, NY -- Orbital Kitchens, a company that is known for pushing the boundaries of culinary innovation in the food delivery industry, announced the launch of their new Chinese takeout concept called Lucky Māo on all major delivery platforms. Lucky Māo offers an affordable yet premium Chinese takeout experience, curated by Executive Chef Tommy Lai, a Michelin star chef.

This announcement is significant as Orbital Kitchens continues to innovate and provide customers with a unique dining experience. Lucky Māo combines traditional Chinese dishes with modern twists, appealing to a wide range of palates and preferences.

The impact of this new concept is clear—Orbital Kitchens is setting a new standard for Chinese takeout by offering a curated selection of high-quality dishes that are both delicious and accessible to all. Customers can expect a culinary journey like no other with Lucky Māo.

According to David Richer co-founder and CEO of Orbital Kitchens, "We’re thrilled to unveil Lucky Mao to the world. This concept is the epitome of our relentless pursuit of culinary excellence and innovation. We can't wait to see the response from our customers."

Looking ahead, Orbital Kitchens plans to expand their reach and introduce more unique dining concepts to the market, continuing to redefine the food delivery experience.

For more information, please visit Orbital Kitchens at https://orbitalkitchens.com and https://www.luckymao.com/

About Orbital Kitchens

New York-based Orbital Kitchens is redefining the food delivery scene with its array of tech-enabled, delivery-focused restaurants. By leveraging technology and culinary expertise, Orbital Kitchens delivers an exceptional dining experience to its customers, with a promise of quality, speed, and affordability. For more information, visit https://orbitalkitchens.com.

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