Pac Pac Snacks Introduces Mango Konjac Chews, the Perfect Summer Treat

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SAN JOSE, CA -- Pac Pac Snacks, a company that specializes in the tastiest, better-for-you treats for kids and adults alike, today announced the launch of their newest product, Mango Konjac Chews. These pocket-sized mango jelly treats are flavored with Alphonso mango, one of the sweetest mango varietals, making them the perfect summer indulgence. Best served chilled or at room temperature, these low-calorie snacks are made with gut-health promoting konjac flour. Already popular in boba shops and independent grocery stores, these delectable treats are a must-try for health-conscious snack lovers. Each 5.64 oz bag is priced at $5.29 and is available now.

The introduction of Mango Konjac Chews is a significant step for Pac Pac Snacks as they continue to expand their line of better-for-you treats. With a focus on creating delicious snacks that are also nutritious, Pac Pac Snacks is committed to providing options that cater to a wide range of taste preferences. The addition of the mouthwatering mango flavor to their Konjac Chews lineup further enhances their offerings and provides a refreshing option for the summer season.

"We are thrilled to introduce our Mango Konjac Chews to snack enthusiasts everywhere," said Michael Rosenzweig, CEO of Pac Pac Snacks. "At Pac Pac Snacks, we believe that healthy eating should never compromise on taste. With our new mango-flavored Konjac Chews, we are delivering a guilt-free treat that is both satisfying and delicious."

Looking ahead, Pac Pac Snacks has exciting plans to expand their product range and continue innovating in the world of better-for-you snacks. With a commitment to using high-quality ingredients and creating unique flavor combinations, they aim to provide their customers with a wide variety of options that support their health and wellness goals.

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About Pac Pac Snacks

Pac Pac Snacks is a food company that specializes in the tastiest, better-for-you treats for kids and adults alike. In business since 2021, Pac Pac Snacks signature products are Konjac Chews, which are delectable bite-sized jelly treats made with the vegetable konjac that come in three flavors - matcha, mango and peach. Their mission is to create snacks that are not only enjoyable to eat but also provide nutritional benefits to support a healthy lifestyle.


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