Pepe Soho Becomes First Photographer to Land Full Collection of Photos on the Moon, Celebrating the Beauty of Our Planet Earth

Photographic collections will be authenticated in the Lunaprise time capsule, curated by Space Blue

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA -- Pepe Soho has a long list of accomplishments as a leading world-renowned photographer from Mexico. However, he never could have imagined landing his works on the moon. 501 Pepe Soho photographs were selected by Dallas Santana, curator and founder of Space Blue in 2022, and successfully launched on a historic moon launch mission on the SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket on February 15, 2024.

Selected photographs by Pepe Soho’s team at Uno Meta were engraved on twin digital Nanofiche nickel prints. The art project for the Lunaprise Museum was curated by Space Blue, a space art community based out of Beverly Hills, California. These engraved digital prints of Pepe Soho’s photographic collection are all part of the Lunaprise Museum's storage vault, which is estimated to last over 1 billion years on the moon. There are also digital copies of the encrypted files, making them virtually accessible on Earth. In theory, future visitors to the moon may even be able to see or access the photographic exhibition. This is expected to be possible one day when the space colony initiated by the U.S. space program develops a high-tech community of humans and robots on the moon.

Preserving Earth's Beauty for Millions of Years To Come

The “Coming Home” collection is artwork created by award-winning photographer Pepe Soho containing 501 pieces that landed on the moon bolted to the lunar lander on February 22, 2024. Authenticated copies of the exact replica metal discs sent to the moon, containing the Pepe Soho collection are also available for collectors.

The Pepe Soho "Coming Home" collection is a historic achievement for Earth’s cross-cultural arts and its preservation for millions of years.

Pepe Soho 2023 Moon Launch Collaboration

Pepe Soho, the 2017 World Photographic Cup winner, is bringing the "Coming Home" collection to the first art gallery on the moon. The SpaceX Falcon 9 launched from Kennedy Space Center, carried the Lunaprise Museum containing 2D digital and nickel engraved replicas of the collection and landed on the moon on February 22, 2024.

The Lunaprise Moon Museum mission will contribute to this significant milestone with its own historic disruption in space tech. They will do this by leveraging a patent-protected indestructible archival device to protect this media (called “lunagrams”). This archival device will also be authenticating its existence using patented protected blockchain authentication technology, in the ongoing convergence of space exploration.

Additionally, Lunaprise is part of a collaboration with a team (Galatic Legacy Labs and Arch Mission Foundation) with a solid track record for developing the plan and roadmap for archiving human knowledge and culture in space.

The Lunaprise’s archive is a privately funded “for profit” commercial payload and not directly funded by NASA nor SpaceX. Its mission is to preserve humanity's culture and commercialize space through the application of creative content and archiving of digital art assets on the moon. These proprietary archives that Lunaprise’s team pioneered have launched an initiative called SI Blue, a foundation to help support humanitarian efforts. Through this foundation, donors worldwide have the ability to support many art projects.

Art Collection of Pepe Soho to Land in Metaverse

The archive consists of 10 stunning physical, digital and Metaverse-activated art pieces that transports humans into a 3D metaverse ascension experience. Physical arts are paired with these works in the collectors’ gallery or home.

Digital Art and the Metaverse

Blockchain technology is the ultimate system for authenticating art projects on a global computing network. This secure encryption technology validates each asset as a unique dataset along with its historically recorded authentication. The metaverse is also bridging the gap for art collectors all over the world by giving a portal and 3D virtual worldview (with or without virtual reality headsets). Collectors can obtain privacy to view their art collection or invite guests in to share the virtual 3D experience of their art collection. Over $43 billion in digital art collections have been created by global collectors since the start of 2022. The future is bright and optimistic with further value and validation that a 3D experience provides.

About Pepe Soho

Pepe Soho is a renowned nature and landscape photographer from Mexico. Over the course of his lifetime, this artist as an individual has expressed himself through design, imagery, and entertainment. A pioneer of the metaverse, Soho’s images are also on display at physical galleries located in Tulum, Miami, Planco, AltaVista, and Playa del Carmen.

Due to a series of life events, Pepe did not discover his love for photography until his early 40s. The process of capturing and meticulously adjusting images provided him with a form of therapy and self-discovery. In a quest to pay homage to Mother Nature for reconnecting him to early life experiences, his work became an expression of gratitude on the path to healing mind, body, and spirit.  

We invite you to explore the metaverse through Pepe Soho and to discover masters of artistic expressionism that awaken your consciousness like never before.

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