PerVista Launches $1.235 Million Seed Crowdfunding Campaign on Wefunder to Scale and Combat the Alarming Rise in School Shootings

Funds will be used to expand operations and enhance features

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OXON HILL, MD -- PerVista, a company dedicated to addressing the increasing issue of mass shootings in the United States, announced today that it has launched a $1.235 million seed round on Wefunder. This funding will enable PerVista to expand its operations and further develop innovative solutions to prevent such tragic incidents. Notably, Cedric Nash, also known as "Your Millionaire Mentor," an acclaimed entrepreneur, wealth coach, and founder of The Black Wealth Summit, has invested in this round, recognizing the importance of PerVista's mission.

In the past decade, there has been a disturbing escalation in the number of school shootings across the country. Ten incidents were reported in 2010, while a staggering 346 occurred in 2023. This alarming trend highlights the urgent need for effective measures to ensure the safety and well-being of students and faculty. PerVista's initiative to raise capital on Wefunder reflects its commitment to addressing this pressing issue and implementing innovative solutions.

PerVista is focused on providing comprehensive and technology-driven approaches to prevent mass shootings. By leveraging advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and predictive modeling, PerVista aims to identify potential threats and intervene proactively. Additionally, the company offers training programs and resources to educate schools and communities on early detection, intervention strategies, and crisis management.

Vennard Wright, founder of PerVista, stated, "We are thrilled to launch this investment campaign on Wefunder with the support of Cedric Nash and other prominent investors. This funding will enable us to accelerate our efforts in combating the rise of school shootings and work towards creating a safer environment for students and educators. We are determined to make a lasting impact and bring about positive change through our innovative solutions."

Looking ahead, PerVista plans to utilize the raised capital to further enhance its technological capabilities and expand its reach to more schools and educational institutions nationwide. The company aims to collaborate with key stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies, mental health professionals, and community organizations, to create a comprehensive network for preventing school shootings.

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Located in the Washington, DC region, PerVista is a company dedicated to preventing school shootings through innovative technology and comprehensive solutions. By leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence, and proactive intervention strategies, PerVista aims to create a safer environment for students and educators. The company also provides training programs and resources to educate schools and communities on early detection, crisis management, and intervention strategies. For more information, visit

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