Presidential Candidate Steve Laffey to Kick Off Iowa Campaign Season

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CEDAR FALLS, IA -- Steve Laffey, Republican presidential candidate, is set to make his first trip to Iowa for a series of engaging events that will bring him closer to the people of the Hawkeye State. With a focus on connecting with voters and addressing issues that matter most to Iowans, Laffey's visit promises to be an informative and impactful experience.

It all starts on Friday, August 25, when Laffey will participate in the "Iowa Talking Points" show for KXEL. Hosted on the Mudd Advertising campus in Cedar Falls, this unique cross-platform interview program provides a platform for in-depth conversations about topics that resonate with Iowans. The event will be streamed live and will later be available as video-on-demand. It will also be broadcast on News/Talk 1540 KXEL. The program will feature a live studio audience and an opportunity for one-on-one interactions with attendees.

Laffey says, "I'm honored to kick off my campaign journey with 'Iowa Talking Points.' I am excited to meet with voters and introduce them to my plan to rebuild and restore the middle class. Iowa holds a unique and pivotal role in the Presidential primary cycle. As the first state to cast its votes, it's the place where the journey to the White House truly begins.” 

Continuing his tour, Laffey will attend the "KXEL Caucus Cookout" on Saturday, August 26 at the historic National Cattle Congress Pavilion in Waterloo. Hosted by KXEL, this listener appreciation cookout provides a unique opportunity for presidential candidates to connect with voters. Laffey and other Presidential candidates will have the chance to address the audience.

Laffey added, "The 'KXEL Caucus Cookout' is a fantastic opportunity for me to meet the people of Iowa in a more relaxed setting. I look forward to sharing my vision for our country's future and my plan to truly Fix America. Iowa's close-knit communities, diverse industries, and thoughtful citizens offer an invaluable opportunity for candidates to connect on a personal level, listen to concerns, and understand the issues that resonate with everyday Americans."

On Sunday, the campaign trail leads Laffey to a special Patriot Pints event, held at the Highlander Supper Club in Iowa City. The event is sponsored by the Johnson County Republicans.

Laffey will be joined by his wife Kelly on the trip. He says his visit to Iowa is extremely important, adding, “The Iowa caucuses set the tone for the entire campaign, shaping the national discourse and helping us define the direction our great nation will take. Engaging with Iowans is not just a campaign strategy; it's a chance to authentically share ideas, values, and aspirations. That's why Iowa matters so profoundly in the Presidential primary cycle."

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