Primary Announces Emily Man as First Specialized Fintech Leader

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NEW YORK, NY -- On August 1, Emily Man, former VP at Redpoint Ventures, will officially join Primary as the early-stage firm’s first specialized fintech leader. Emily's move from SF to NY exemplifies NYC’s increased dominance in the startup and VC space as well as the importance of fintech founders finding alignment with the established fintech industry. Though in its generalist days, Primary backed fintech companies like Alloy, Orum, and Vestwell, the appointment of Primary's first fintech leader is an important milestone.

With Emily Man joining Primary, the company further solidifies its position as NYC's leading early-stage VC. The addition of a specialized fintech leader demonstrates Primary's commitment to supporting and nurturing fintech startups. By leveraging Emily's expertise and experience, Primary is well-positioned to continue driving innovation and growth in the fintech sector.

Brad Svrluga, General Partner of Primary, stated, "Emily embodies everything we hold sacred about the investor-founder relationship, and her commitment to supporting founders extends beyond even those she’s invested in. In fact, she was first introduced to us by Alloy cofounders Laura Spiekerman and Tommy Nicholas, who described her as one of their go-to sources for perspective and insights on the fintech landscape."

Looking ahead, Primary plans to expand its work with NYC's top fintech founders and actively seek out new opportunities at the pre-seed, seed, and Series A. 

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