Primary Brings Together Top NYC Healthcare Operators and AI Leaders for Next-Gen Opportunities

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NEW YORK, NY -- Primary, NYC's leading early stage VC, today announced the upcoming event where top NYC healthcare operators and AI leaders will come together to discuss next-gen opportunities. This exclusive gathering aims to foster meaningful collaboration and conversation among professionals in the healthcare and AI industries. Limited seats are available, and a running waitlist is in place. Individuals who are interested in attending can email or modify their registration directly if they are unable to attend.

The convergence of healthcare and AI presents vast potential for innovation and advancement. As the leading early stage VC in New York City, it is crucial for Primary to facilitate these discussions and bridge the gap between healthcare operators and AI leaders. By bringing together experts from both fields, Primary aims to explore new frontiers and unlock the transformative power of AI in healthcare.

Marisa Bass, Principal of Primary, emphasized the significance of this event, stating, "We believe that the intersection of healthcare and AI holds incredible promise for improving patient outcomes and revolutionizing the healthcare industry. By connecting healthcare operators and AI leaders, we can drive innovation and create solutions that address the most pressing challenges in healthcare today."

Looking ahead, Primary is committed to continuing its mission of fostering collaboration and driving innovation in the healthcare and AI sectors. Through strategic investments and partnerships, Primary aims to support cutting-edge startups and entrepreneurs who are leveraging AI to revolutionize healthcare delivery, patient care, and medical research.

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