PunchUp Live Celebrates 200K Monthly Active Users, Welcomes Top Comedian Michelle Wolf, and Releases Liz Miele’s Special "Murder Sheets" After YouTube Censorship

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NEW YORK, NY -- PunchUp Live, the innovative platform for comedians and comedy fans alike, proudly announces a significant milestone: exceeding 200,000 monthly active users (MAUs), more than doubling in the last two months. This achievement highlights the platform's rapid growth and popularity within the comedy community. PunchUp Live continues to attract top-tier talent, including the latest addition, renowned comedian Michelle Wolf.

Michelle Wolf, known for her sharp wit and incisive humor, is the latest addition to PunchUp Live. Wolf's unique comedic voice and fearless approach to satire have earned her a substantial following and critical acclaim. Her decision to join PunchUp Live is a testament to the platform's appeal to top-tier talent. 

"We are ecstatic to have Michelle Wolf on board," says PunchUp Live's co-founder, Alex Dajani. "Her presence on our platform not only enriches our content but also reaffirms our mission to support and promote authentic comedic voices."

In an exciting development, comedian Liz Miele released her latest comedy special “Murder Sheets” on PunchUp Live. This decision follows the controversy surrounding her most recent special on YouTube, where it was flagged for hate speech due to a humorous remark about her cat. Other comedians flagged and demoted to limited ads include: Fahim Anwar, Joe List, Mike Cannon, among others. PunchUp Live provides a space without censorship for comedians to share their authentic voices without restrictions. Liz Miele's special will be available to all viewers without commercials, underscoring the platform's commitment to artistic freedom.

“I decided to release my special on PunchUp Live because stand up for me has always been about expressing myself fully and without restrictions. YouTube was working for me, but then it broke. Over the last few years they [YouTube] have started to censor artists with unclear rules and little to no resources to fix it. When my special got flagged for humorously calling my cat the c-word, it highlighted a bigger issue: touring and grinding comedians rely on ad revenue to recoup the costs of self-producing specials. PunchUp Live is providing an alternative space where we can share our uncensored work and connect authentically with our audiences,” says Miele.  

PunchUp Live's growth to over 200,000 monthly active users highlights the platform's increasing influence and success. This milestone reflects the strong community that PunchUp Live has cultivated, providing a vibrant space for comedians to have direct relationships with their fans.

Since its inception, PunchUp Live has rapidly emerged as a go-to destination for comedy enthusiasts seeking unfiltered and original content. The platform's commitment to providing a space where comedians can perform without the constraints of social media resonates with both performers and fans alike.

In addition to offering a stage for uncensored comedy and direct communication between comedians and their audiences, PunchUp Live equips comedians with valuable tools and insights to enhance their careers. The platform provides detailed analytics and marketing support, enabling comedians to effectively leverage social media to sell more tickets. PunchUp’s comprehensive support has led to remarkable success with increased sales and prominent management companies such as AGI Entertainment Media & Management partnering with the platform to provide these key services to their touring clients.

Says comedian Ian Fidance, “I’m so excited—I was just playing Chicago and it was the first weekend I’ve ever sold out prior to me arriving in town! It’s always so stressful worrying about numbers up until the show starts and I really think selling out ahead of time has to do with PunchUp Live. I really think this is the missing ingredient in my rise to the top and it’s helping me in ways that social media has failed and that’s in selling tickets.”

PunchUp Live continues to revolutionize the comedy landscape by fostering a supportive and censorship-free environment where comedians can thrive. With its expanding user base and the addition of renowned comedians like Michelle Wolf, PunchUp Live is set to further solidify its position as a leader in the comedy industry.

Comedians currently on PunchUp: Aaron Berg, Adam Ray, Akaash Singh, Anthony Devito, Are you Garbage, Avery Pearson, Caitlin Cook, Caitlin Peluffo, Carmen Lynch, Chris Gethard, Corey B, Dan Perlman, Eddie Pepitone, Eric Neumann, Francis Ellis, Gary Gulman, Geoffrey Asmus, Gus Constantellis, Ian Fidance, Jared Freid, Joe Kilgallon, Joe List, Joe Nunnick, Joey Mulinaro, Jordan Jensen, Josh Adam Meyers, Josh Wolf, Liz Miele, Mark Normand, Matt Ruby, Michelle Wolf, Mike Cannon, Mike Feeney, Nathan Macintosh, Nimesh Patel, Phil Hanley, Raanan Hershberg, Rachel Feinstein, Rick Glassman, Robert Kelly, Roy Wood Jr, Sam Morril, Shane Torres, Stef Dag, Steph Tolev, Steve Byrne, Tanael Joachim, Tim Dillon, Yannis Pappas, and Zoltan Kaszas.

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