Qnary Launches Qrow 2.0, Advanced Version of Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Text Drafting Engine

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NEW YORK, NY -- Qnary, a global leader in executive online presence and reputation management, today announced the exciting launch of Qrow 2.0, the advanced version of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) text drafting engine Qnary released in 2021. Building upon the robust capabilities of the original Qrow, this upgraded version marks the next phase in Qnary's pursuit of excellence in leveraging AI for executive communication. Qnary's content team works in collaboration with Qrow 2.0 to deliver quality content.

Qrow 2.0 has been designed to assist in drafting various forms of text content, from social media posts and blogs to comprehensive articles. Additionally, it exhibits profound capability in supporting the research and structural organization of important stories, thereby proving a game-changing collaboration tool for writers, journalists, marketers, and other content creators.

Since its inception, Qrow 2.0 has aided in over 24,000 drafts, providing high-quality, consistent, and time-efficient content drafting solutions with the goal to capture and replicate our client's individual and unique tone of voice in every piece of content we produce on their behalf. Qnary's commitment to enhancing its solution and empowering its team through cutting-edge AI is reflected in this latest offering.

"We are incredibly proud of the milestone that Qrow 2.0 represents," stated Bant Breen, Founder and Chairman of Qnary. "From the time I completed my doctorate on digital media and machine learning in 2020 our aim has been to harness the power of artificial intelligence to simplify and streamline content creation, freeing up time for our team to focus on more strategic tasks. With the upgraded Qrow 2.0, we've made a significant leap towards that goal. This isn't just about innovation for its own sake; it's about giving our team and our customers tools that help them achieve their objectives more effectively and efficiently."

Qrow 2.0 offers an enriched user experience by providing a more intuitive interface and advanced features, backed by the power of AI. Qrow 2.0 ensures reliable and coherent drafts, adhering to the brand's voice and message. "Qnary has excellent customer success managers and content editors that review and fine-tune every piece of content we create. Qrow 2.0 empowers these teams in the creation or early quality drafts of content at scale." remarked Ray Carbonell, Chief Executive Officer of Qnary. "Qnary remains committed to the exploration and application of AI technology to continuously deliver innovative, high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of its clientele. As Qrow 2.0 launches, Qnary is eager to continue helping its customers craft compelling stories and engaging content that drives growth and impact."

About Qnary

Qnary is an industry-leading provider of executive online presence management solutions. Founded in 2012, Qnary empowers professionals, executives, and organizations to take control of their digital presence, optimize their personal brand, and showcase thought leadership. Qnary's innovative platform and tailored strategies enable clients to effectively manage their online reputation, increase visibility, and drive engagement across various digital channels.



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