RP New York Empowers Undocumented and Refugee Women with New Atelier

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NEW YORK, NY -- RP New York, a company that celebrates the exceptional craftsmanship of India through its luxurious garments, announced today that it is creating an atelier to support undocumented and refugee women in New York. This atelier will provide a livelihood and a safe workplace for women who are the most vulnerable to exploitation and workplace abuse due to their status. These women often work in low-wage jobs with poor working conditions, including long hours, inadequate pay, and exposure to physical and sexual abuse.

The decision by RP New York to establish this atelier is an important step towards addressing the injustices faced by undocumented and refugee women in the workforce. By providing a safe and fair working environment, RP New York aims to empower these women and offer them an opportunity to thrive in their craft. This initiative aligns with the company's core values of respecting the planet and its people, as well as honoring the exceptional craftsmanship of India.

"Our artisans are the heart of our beloved brand," said Roopa Pemmaraju, Founder and Designer of RP New York. "With the creation of this atelier, we are not only creating beautiful garments, but also creating a platform for these women to showcase their talent and skills. It is our hope that through this initiative, we can make a positive impact in their lives and help them build a better future."

Looking ahead, RP New York plans to expand the reach of its atelier and continue its mission of empowering marginalized women. The company aims to create more opportunities for undocumented and refugee women, allowing them to showcase their craftsmanship and contribute to the vibrant and diverse fashion industry.

For more information about RP New York and its initiatives, please visit https://rpnewyork.co.

About RP New York

RP New York is a brand that uses time-honored techniques to create luxurious garments that honor the exceptional craftsmanship of India. Inspired by cultures around the world and designed in New York City, each garment is consciously made by skilled artisans at the company's private atelier in India. RP New York is committed to creating vibrant, one-of-a-kind clothing that respects the planet and its people, and aims to bring inspiration and joy to customers through their wearable treasures.



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