Savor the Richness of the Italian Nobility with Averill House Vineyard's Limited-Edition Nebbiolo Red Wine

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BROOKLINE, NH -- Averill House Vineyard, known for crafting unique and traditional wines with a grape-to-glass philosophy, proudly announces the release of their Little Secret, a limited-edition 2020 vintage Italian Nebbiolo Red wine. Formerly exclusive to European royalty, this wine pairs perfectly with BBQ, Asian, Indian, and American cuisine, making it a must-have for chefs and wine enthusiasts alike. From the Winemakers Private Stash, Averill House Vineyard unveils the highly anticipated Little Secret—a well-aged Italian Nebbiolo celebrated for its full body, floral aromas, and mouth-drying tannins. Once reserved for nobility, this cherished wine is now accessible to all.

The launch of Little Secret marks a significant milestone for Averill House Vineyard, highlighting their dedication to producing distinctive, high-quality wines. Guided by a grape-to-glass philosophy, the winery employs organic practices and renewable strategies, ensuring sustainable production methods. Averill House Vineyard takes great pride in making accessible a wine that was once exclusively enjoyed by European nobles.

"We are thrilled to share our Little Secret, a limited-edition Italian Nebbiolo Red wine, with wine enthusiasts everywhere," said Bob Waite, Vigneron of Averill House Vineyard. "We invite everyone to relish the full body and floral aromas of this treasured wine that was once exclusive to European nobility."

Looking ahead, Averill House Vineyard is committed to continuing their pursuit of crafting unique and traditional wines while upholding sustainable practices. The winery eagerly anticipates the release of more limited-edition wines and plans to expand their philanthropic endeavors, supporting causes close to their hearts.

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SOURCE: Averill House Vineyard

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