Space Blue's Historic Achievement: Bitcoin Art and Ordinals Secure Spot in the Lunaprise Museum on the Moon

First bitcoin projects to officially land on the moon

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA -- In an exhilarating display of art, innovation meets space exploration; Space Blue has catapulted bitcoin and art preservation into a celestial realm, marking a historic moment as the first bitcoin and bitcoin ordinal art projects landed in the Lunaprise, a payload bolted to the lunar lander. This monumental feat was achieved through the curation of 222 avant-garde art projects, encased for 1 billion years within the Lunaprise time capsule, now sitting on the lunar landscape since successfully landing there on February 22, 2024.

From Earth to Moon: A Journey of Bitcoin Art and Legacy

On a mission that sounds like the plot of a sci-fi blockbuster, the Lunaprise Moon Museum, aboard a payload in the SpaceX Falcon 9, embarked from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on February 15, 2022. Its successful lunar touchdown on February 22, 2024, as the Lunaprise museum was bolted to the lunar lander, was not just a triumph of logistics and engineering but a bold statement on the future of indestructive art.

Dallas Santana, the curator and founder behind Space Blue, is no stranger to pushing boundaries. With an exhilarating career spanning defense contracting, executive producing programming for major television networks, and pioneering Web 3.0 innovative projects minting on the blockchain the first sneakers, some of the first photo collections, and Academy Awards moments. Santana's latest venture curating art being permanently placed in space is a testament to his vision of merging cutting-edge technology available with the brilliant inventors of the nickel Nanofiche disks that are the lunar library, with human expression in art. He comes from a family who set records in technical innovation and art, his family are Ivy League graduates in art and art history, his grandparents both art professors set a world record for their art collection sold at Sotheby's Hong Kong, and his grandfather was a young Yale engineer, working in media innovations with radio pioneer de Forest on the first broadcast of radio over bodies of water across Cape Cod.

The first project sent to the moon to be inscribed on Bitcoin for future art authentication was a motion picture and art collection called "The 9th Raider", a post-apocalyptic film (think Mad Max) Santana directed and which was funded entirely through Ethereum and Bitcoin, stands archived as the first feature film in the Lunaprise Museum on the moon. To make the film, Santana teamed up in projects with many of the other web 3.0 leaders including casting CL7, the most influential industry-famous digital art collector and the largest most influential collector of space art in the world. CL7 was cast in a starring role as an astronaut selected by AI in the future to save mankind by attempting to retrieve a knowledge ark left on Mars. The motorcyclist and actor CL7  boasts a space art collection in the tens of thousands of art pieces. CL7's film frames from the movie are now inscribed on the nickel nano fiche disks on the moon set to last over 1 billion years and now inscribed on the Bitcoin network as bitcoin ordinals. Talk about Hollywood's legacy immortalized with your images from a movie poster on the moon for a billion years and as indestructible bitcoin will certainly outlast the rusty metal inscriptions torn up every year on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

A Legacy Encoded in Bitcoin Ordinals

The Lunaprise Moon Museum hosts the first-ever Bitcoin ordinal art, embedding digital masterpieces directly into Bitcoin's DNA. Among these, Marshmello, the first pet character to reach the moon since the iconic Snoopy, has landed, bringing a touch of "lovable" to this stellar collection. The lovable moon pup Marshmello has 1,111 art pieces in the Lunaprise and had 11 super rare art pieces inscribed as bitcoin ordinals at the birth of bitcoin art as an ordinal in early 2023 as well on the largest digital collectible network in the U.S. on Nifty Gateway, where her art pieces have reached floor prices of over $1 million.

What's a Bitcoin Ordinal?

A revolutionary canvas for digital artists, Bitcoin ordinals inscribe art into Bitcoin's foundational elements, bitcoin ordinal platforms marking a new era for art commerce with over $334 million in bitcoin ordinal art sales worldwide in January 2024 alone in a new art innovation barely a year old. Space Blue got into the bitcoin art alongside one of its marketing partners BitBasel, who is also announcing that they will launch lunar art on their bitcoin ordinal network soon.

A Dream Fueled by Passion and Purpose

Dallas Santana's journey from aspiring astronaut to space art curator is fueled by a lifetime of dreams and determination. Inspired by the Apollo missions and a stint in the U.S. Marine Corps heading for naval aviation, Santana's path to Space Blue has been anything but conventional. Today, his dream of space exploration lives on through the Lunaprise mission, blending art, history, and technology.

The Art of the Universe: Preserving Humanity's Legacy

Under Santana's curation, the Lunaprise mission carries a treasure trove of human creativity, from Stan Lee's marvels to masterpieces of the Renaissance. This celestial archive ensures that humanity's cultural and scientific achievements are preserved for millennia, symbolizing a leap forward in our quest to immortalize human knowledge and creativity.

A New Era of Lunar Exploration and Art

It is NASA's Commercial Lunar Payload Services and the Arch Mission Foundation, that make Space Blue's Lunaprise mission more than an artistic endeavor; it's a cornerstone for future lunar exploration, a vision for securing humanity's culture, and knowledge for billions of year and a testament to humanity's unyielding spirit of discovery.

"Climate Refugees," a documentary directed by Michael P. Nash, has not only garnered critical acclaim since its premiere at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival but has also become a symbol of hope and urgency in addressing the pressing issue of the human face of climate change.

Now, in 2024, "Climate Refugees" takes on a new journey as it becomes part of a groundbreaking initiative: the SpaceBlue Lunaprise time arts and humanity capsule. "Climate Refugees" is the sole documentary film that now rests on the lunar surface, a testament to humanity's quest for exploration and enlightenment.

Now destined to be inscribed as bitcoin ordinals are the filmmaker's private notes and storyboard original artwork, dating back to the years 2007–2009, while the film was in the conception and production phases.  These artifacts offer a glimpse into the genesis of the documentary: the original story thoughts, possible titles, production notes, and storyboards that shaped a narrative that would change the way the world perceives climate change.

How Bitcoin Art Projects Could Help Humanity with Impact Projects

As with the other projects, a large part of the proceeds are earmarked for impact-driven initiatives. These funds will fuel call-to-action campaigns for the sequel currently in production, titled "Chasing Truth." The process used to create the bitcoin ordinals and authenticate its contents is entirely sustainable, with a net-negative carbon footprint. This aligns seamlessly with the themes of environmental stewardship and social responsibility at the heart of "Climate Refugees."

Space Blue has achieved remarkable milestones in content curation for the mission. Notably, 222 creators’ works of art spanning 30,000 years of art history have been organized under Santana’s direction. This contributed unique pieces which include: Stan Lee (Marvel co-creator), Legion Universe/Nova Family Offices (collaboration with Lee Baker and Stan Lee), the film "The 9th Raider," Lunar Records (hit songs and artists), acclaimed photographer Pepe Soho, 5x Grammy winner Timbaland (with beats from Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z’s beatbox project”), the Cryptopup animation by Marshmello the "Moon Pup," and award-winning director Michael P. Nash’s soon-to-be-released documentary on climate change. Also featured, “Ryūzan: FACE the DRAGON” by Sir Godric Rei8gn, is a 47-Ronin-inspired art collection of legendary Japanese Samurai art and history, not to mention over 100 masters of the Renaissance era from Michelangelo to Leonardo da Vinci on board the mission with twin copies inscribed into nickel and Nanofiche lunar discs that will last over 1 billion years. All projects which will have a bitcoin ordinal dimension to their added art mediums.

The Lunaprise Moon Museum's mission is to establish a lunar repository of human knowledge, symbolizing a giant leap for mankind in preserving our cultural and scientific legacy. This partnership exemplifies the fusion of innovation, creativity, and a shared commitment to immortalizing human achievements.

About Space Blue

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