Spry Digital Names Wayne Turley II as President and COO

Under the direction of CEO and owner Sheila Burkett, Turley's appointment underscores his unwavering commitment to Spry Digital.

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CLAYTON, MO -- Spry Digital, a leading developer of high-quality websites, web apps, and brand identities, is proud to announce the appointment of Wayne Turley II to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer. Turley’s deep investment in Spry Digital’s future signifies his exemplary leadership and increased ownership stake in the company, reflecting his commitment and investment in Spry Digital's continued success. Turley will lead the company's day-to-day operations in his new role, overseeing all aspects of delivery, sales, finance, and back-office functions, while working closely with the other owners: CEO and founder Sheila Burkett, Beth Gunter, CRO, and a staff of employees who collectively own the company.

Turley’s tenure at Spry Digital spans over five years, during which he assumed the Director of Project Management role, accelerating project management practices and increasing efficiency. Over the years, he demonstrated exceptional leadership and a commitment to excellence, leading to his initiative to expand the client delivery arm of the company. His strategic vision and dedication to employee growth and development have been instrumental in shaping Spry Digital's success.

Reflecting on his journey at Spry, Turley stated, "My focus is making sure that our employees have what they need to feel welcome within the company and have a growth plan. When the team is happy and members know they're contributing, the other elements of the company's growth take care of themselves."

In his new role, Turley is committed to furthering Spry Digital's mission of delivering innovative solutions while fostering a culture of inclusivity. He stated, “By championing inclusivity, we drive innovation and create a workplace where every individual feels valued, empowered, and inspired to contribute their best. A place where they can grow and build a successful career is critically important."

Turley's strategic leadership style and commitment to excellence have already yielded significant achievements for Spry Digital. Under his guidance, the company has experienced substantial growth, with 80% of its sales target met for 2024, positioning Spry Digital for continued success in the digital innovation landscape.

Outside of Spry Digital, Turley is actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors, including serving on the St. Louis Children's Hospital development board and co-founding the nonprofit organization Catherine Cares, which is dedicated to providing support to families with babies facing life-threatening diagnoses.

Speaking to his increased ownership, Turley expressed gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to assist in leading Spry Digital into its next growth phase. He stated, "I'm excited. I love being able to look at the progress that we've made and where we're going and seeing so many opportunities that will allow our team to achieve our goals."

Please join us in congratulating Wayne Turley II on his well-deserved appointment to President and COO of Spry Digital.

Learn more about Spry Digital at https://sprydigital.com.

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Spry Digital, founded in 2010, is driven by a commitment to innovation and impact. From its inception, the company has sought to redefine the digital landscape by offering unique value to clients, fostering a supportive environment for employees to thrive, and cultivating a culture centered around community engagement. Spry Digital prioritizes embracing challenges, continuous learning, and fostering open communication, guided by its core values. The company emphasizes demonstrating initiative, perseverance, and nurturing teamwork to achieve the best outcomes. By embodying these principles, Spry Digital empowers its team to excel in delivering high-quality solutions for clients while fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment where every individual's contributions are valued and celebrated.

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