Strategikon Unveils Revolutionary Module in Clinical Maestro VISION

Redefining vendor onboarding, capability assessment, and qualification

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BOSTON, MA -- Strategikon, a trailblazer in delivering cutting-edge solutions for the clinical research industry, is thrilled to introduce the debut of a new module within our Clinical Maestro VISION application for R&D vendor excellence performance management. This new module is specifically designed for biopharmaceutical companies so that they can more easily manage their service providers through new vendor onboarding, service categorization, profile de-risking, capability assessment at the service level and business function qualification. The challenges addressed by this new module have never been comprehensively tackled and are estimated to cost the industry over $10 billion annually, according to industry surveys. Existing procurement and qualification solutions lack the specificity required by pharma for clinical trial service category processes and risk evaluations.

The new Clinical Maestro VISION module offers tailored Capability Assessment and Qualification Workflows, empowering sponsors to manage distinct workflows for each vendor category. Additionally, it provides adaptable Vendor Profile Customization, ensuring alignment with specific organizational requirements. Users across vendor quality, management, outsourcing, and procurement benefit from customizable categories, surveys, intuitive workflows, scoring capabilities, and decision-making dashboards. Anticipated benefits include up to a 95% reduction in onboarding costs, shorter qualification timelines, and increased user satisfaction. In essence, this module represents the most comprehensive SaaS solution available, addressing the complex challenge of new vendor capability assessments for clinical trials.

Anca Copaescu, CEO of Strategikon, underscores the company's commitment to incorporating feedback and insights from customers throughout the development process: "At Strategikon, we place utmost priority on our customers' needs and perspectives. This new Clinical Maestro VISION module epitomizes our dedication to crafting solutions that directly tackle the challenges confronted by our clients in the clinical research industry. The new onboarding module within VISION is the result of deep interviews with industry leaders and the reflection of their 'wish list' for the ideal vendor management solution. Thank you, 'founders' for your invaluable contribution and passion for new product creation!"

For more information about Clinical Maestro VISION, join our webinar on May 2, 2024 at 12 p.m. ET: Unlocking Excellence: Innovative Strategies for Clinical Vendor Qualification

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