Suzy Batiz Brings in HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia to SXSW to Raise Vibe of ~Pourri’s Funk Factory and Launch New Podcast "Holy Sh!t With Suzy!"

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CHICAGO, IL -- HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia, a new intentional water brand on a mission to lift spirits with positive refreshment, will be bringing its good vibes and delicious crystalline Great Lakes water to SXSW in partnership with ~Pourri’s Funk Factory Experience at SXSW 2024.

SXSW is a perfect event for HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia as it provides a unique platform to bring their positively provocative message to a diverse audience of business, music and culture enthusiasts. This partnership will enable HOLY WATER to take part in ~Pourri's activation with Rolling Stone, unlocking a collaboration between companies with similar visions and missions.

Suzy Batiz, CEO and founder of ~Pourri and podcast host of "HOLY SH!T by Suzy!," shared her excitement about having HOLY WATER at her events, stating, "Everything I do is focused on lifting people's spirits and inspiring them to their highest potential. Brands like Liquid Death are the antithesis of this, and I was thrilled to learn Graceann was creating a water brand to be a positive force in our culture."

This inaugural partnership is significant for one of the founders of HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia, Graceann Bennett, who met Suzy online during the Covid-19 pandemic, taking her Alive OS personal transformation course. After taking the course three times, she was introduced to Suzy professionally to help accelerate her brand for their next stage of growth. Suzy and Graceann worked side by side for over a year, positioning the ~Pourri brand for the explosive growth it is experiencing today.

Going forward, HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia will continue to expand its presence in the market and explore new opportunities to collaborate with brands, culture shapers, and artists it admires. Focusing on creativity and intentionality, the company aims to keep its presence as fresh and flowing as its water.

Guests are invited to ‘Get Funky. Stay Fresh.’ at ~Pourri’s Funk Factory Experience: a two-day escapade filled with delightful aromas, interactive zones, VIP areas, deep conversations, and live performances from DJ Johnny Jane aka Janelle Monáe, DJ Questlove, Preacher (Keite Young), BLK ODYSSEY, Soul in the Horn with Natasha Diggs, and more.

Join co-hosts Suzy Batiz and Preacher (Keite Young) ahead of the upcoming podcast launch of "HOLY SH!T w/Suzy!" as they speak with special guests Janelle Monáe & Natasha Diggs, and Danielle Ponder.

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About HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia

HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia, a positively provocative water, lifts and refreshes your spirit and reminds you to hydrate your higher self. We believe there is enough death, negativity and divisiveness in the world and we are here to awaken and unite the highest version of ourselves. Sourced from a Great Lakes aquifer, our water travels through crystals and minerals before it is purified and packaged in eternally recyclable aluminum cans. Intentionally sourced, blessed by you. Always plastic-free. To learn more about HOLY WATER by Alta Gracia, visit our website at

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