Tattoo Industry Coup: Award-Winning Tattoo Artist and Industry Innovator, Gabe Jaksich, Becomes the National Program Director for Ink Different Tattoo School

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TAMPA, FL -- Originally from Argentina, Gabe Jaksich started learning the art of tattooing in 1982, and opened one of the country's first retail tattoo studios in Buenos Aires in 1989. He migrated to the U.S. in 1995 where he developed his skills not only as a tattoo artist, winning several awards in tattoo conventions across the country, yet also as one of the pioneers in cosmetic tattooing. His industry contributions in the early stages of microblading, permanent makeup, scalp pigmentation, and paramedical aesthetics, have led to two published books on these practices, with a special focus on areola simulation and scar camouflage.

In addition to his passion for tattooing, Gabe has been outspoken in his desire to ensure that the tattoo education industry rises to a globally respected and high standard industry.

With over a decade of experience in tattoo education, Gabe brings his experience as the educational mastermind behind Master Tattoo Institute and Oriana Tattoo Academy, to Ink Different Tattoos. His passion for education, professionalism, ethics and raising the bar for the future of the tattoo industry, along with his over 30 years of experience as a Tattoo Artist, make him an attractive catch as the new National Program Director for Ink Different Tattoo School.

“In any tattoo school, academy, or structured apprenticeship, a lack of trained mentors, inadequate education materials, including lack of a curriculum, and poor infrastructure can make learning beyond difficult,” Jaksich explains. “Being enrolled in a school or academy, in and of itself, does not signify that comprehensive learning of the tattoo industry's best standards and practices are taking place.”

Gabe’s experience has taught him that, “receiving quality and optimal tattoo instruction requires the benefits of having a trained mentor with deep industry experience and personal knowledge to instruct prospective artists on a one-on-one individualized basis, using a curated and professional curriculum containing relevant and detailed contents, and all within a reasonable time frame so future tattoo artists can hit the ground running while the proverbial iron is hot.”

Gabe continues with, “While this should be the standard in every traditional apprenticeship, school or academy, it is oftentimes not the chase. Due to my previous experiences and seeing others consistently fall short, I choose Ink Different Tattoo School to be my new home to bring our shared passion for knowledge, professionalism and ethics together to keep raising the bar for the much needed education in the tattoo industry.”

Ink Different Tattoo School’s President and Founder Paul-Anthony Surdi, couldn’t agree more. “Very few people in the world understand just how difficult and important it is to honor and deliver on the dreams of artists who want to make a living from their art in the tattoo industry.” With over a decade of experience leading the creation of the tattoo education industry while expanding Ink Different into the only nationwide trade school for the tattoo industry, Paul-Anthony has seen his fair share of questionable participants.

Paul-Anthony shares, “As far as I can tell, Ink Different is the only place that truly cares about student apprentices succeeding as tattoo artists; which is why we have never promised anyone that they can become a traditional tattoo artist in two weeks, yet we do promise them a job offer when they complete their full apprenticeship.”

Excited about Gabe joining the team, Paul-Anthony explains, “This is a real coup! Gabe is the most qualified person in the country to lead our next levels of hands-on-training around the country, and to think that years ago he was our main competitor, is a bit mind blowing.”


SOURCE: Ink Different Tattoos

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