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LOS ANGELES, CA -- The Female Quotient (The FQ), a woman-owned business creating experiences, media, and research for women and companies committed to advancing equality, today announced the full lineup for its highly anticipated signature Equality Lounge® @ Advertising Week New York 2023.

The FQ’s programming will include 34 panel conversations featuring 150 speakers across two days of programming. Speakers at this year’s Equality Lounge® @ Advertising Week New York include Sherri Shepherd, Host of The Sherri Show; Haley Sacks, Zillennial Finance Expert and founder of Mrs. Dow Jones and Finance Is Cool; Linda Bethea, Chief Marketing Officer, Danone North America; Carla Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, JPMorgan Chase; Zach Greenberger, Chief Business Officer, Lyft; and many others. Each panel conversation will focus on critical issues related to advancing workplace equality ranging from the gender-based skills gap in AI and the future of the sheconomy to securing women’s financial futures and supporting women’s health in the workplace. 

The FQ’s signature Equality Lounge® will also challenge the bias of AI with an immersive installation celebrating more than 100 notable women as part of The FQ’s new #RAISEHERPROFILE campaign. 

“Join us for the transformational conversations leading to intentional action,” said Shelley Zalis, founder and CEO of The Female Quotient. “Stay to drive visibility and connections for women on a global scale. Together, we can unmask the bias of AI and make the invisible visible.”

The FQ’s Equality Lounge® will take place October 16 and 17, 2023 at the PENN District located at 100 W. 33 St., New York, NY. The FQ is intentionally inclusive. The Equality Lounge® was built by women for everyone, and is open to all. To access the full agenda and RSVP for a free pass, click here

Highlights from this one-of-a-kind experience include the following panel conversation topics: 

#RAISEHERPROFILE: Elevating Women to Overcome Biased AI

Why do women only account for 19% of Wikipedia entries? Why does AI portray Advertising’s Most Influential Person of the Year as a white man? Across industries, women are the driving force behind groundbreaking medical discoveries, transformative contributions to film and music, and thriving businesses. So, how can we ensure women are as discoverable by AI as men? Join us as we discuss specific strategies to elevate women’s visibility in all industries, allowing them to shine, own their achievements, and gain global recognition.

AI’s Future is Female: Why a Responsible, AI-Powered World Depends on Women and Girls

Women hold just 26% of data and AI-centered jobs, with a significant gender gap at the executive level. This is an increasingly troubling statistic considering the rapid growth of artificial intelligence, its pervasiveness, and the threat of data bias. The solution lies in hiring, promoting and retaining more women leaders, changing company culture, and especially in elevating women’s stories in order to inspire the next generation of young women and girls to enter the field. Join us as we convene Google’s visionary women leaders who are driving change in the sector.

Fun, Joy, and Laughter with Sherri Shepherd: How to Use Entertainment & Inclusion to Elevate Your Brand

Join Emmy and NAACP award-winning host and comedian Sherri Shepherd in a sit down with BigCommerce’s Tom Bourdon to discuss how she reinvigorated daytime TV while living her dream and leading by example on her hit talk show Sherri. Joined by her Executive Producer Jawn Murray and SVP of Brand Partnerships Karen Bonck, Shepherd and her team will provide insight on bringing their winning feel-good formula to TV every day and how that creates a rich environment for brands to thrive.

How Female Creators Are Fueling the Sheconomy

The financial industry has long been male dominated—until now. With the rise of social media, and platforms like Instagram and TikTok democratizing idea sharing, #womeninfinance finally have a share of voice. These creators are making financial advice accessible to all by pulling back the curtain to help women earn—and spend—what they deserve. Join us for a conversation with Haley Sacks, the Zillenial Finance Expert behind @MrsDowJones, to learn how she has built a business by helping millions of women thrive.

The Power of the Woman Consumer: Meet the CMOs Who Are Meeting This Moment

Join us as we look at the power shift in marketing spends and campaign creative due to the impact of Barbie. We’ll discuss what’s on the minds of marketers as they leverage trends including women as economic powerhouses and the power of multigenerational audiences coming together.

Meet The Men Who Are All In on the Sheconomy

Join us as we meet with top Marketing Execs who are proudly Swifty Dads, Barbie’s Kens, Beyoncé’s Boys and World Cup Fans. We’ll discuss the trend of women powering the trillion dollar economy, what it means for men, for marketers and why they personally are fans of the icons leading the Sheconomy.

About The Female Quotient

The Female Quotient (The FQ) is a woman-owned business creating experiences, media and research for conscious leaders and companies committed to advancing women in the workplace. As an engine of equality, The FQ offers visibility and connections for women at a global scale. The FQ’s signature Equality Lounge® has changed the business agenda at tentpole business conferences including CES, Davos, Cannes Lions and more. As the Business of Equality®, The FQ’s mission is to change the equation and close the gender gap. For more information on the Business of Equality®, visit and join the equality conversation on social @femalequotient on LinkedIn and Instagram.


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