The Key To Getting Into Puzzmo Is ... Finding a Key!

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NEW YORK, NY -- Puzzmo Media Advisory

What is Puzzmo?

Puzzmo is the new place for thoughtful puzzles online created by Zach Gage and Orta Therox in partnership with Hearst.

What are those yellow news racks popping up in front of NYC landmarks? 

They are part of a puzzle-based scavenger hunt in NYC put on by Puzzmo, Hearst, and renowned game designer Zach Gage. 

How does it work? is currently locked, but for the past month puzzlers all over the world have been competing for a chance to play before it launches and purchase a coveted "lifetime" subscription. Anyone able to locate one of the news racks will find a "key" inside in the form of a one-of-a-kind printed puzzle. The solution to the puzzle is your unique code to get into Puzzmo early and—if you like what you see—purchase one of a limited number of the site’s “lifetime” subscriptions. 

Where are the news racks?

In front of Hearst Tower, The New York Public Library, and The Metropolitan Museum … but they could move so stay tuned for updates from @puzzmotoday on X.

Can you tell me a bit more?

Puzzmo is the home of new, web-based versions of Zach Gage’s award-winning puzzle games catalogue as well as an ambitious pipeline of new and exclusive releases coming soon. A true gaming platform, Puzzmo connects games and players with a unified system of points, achievements, social connections and multiplayer modes never seen in the category. 

In the past month over 100,000 puzzlers have tried to get into Puzzmo by completing challenges and solving puzzles for a coveted "key."

Click here to access Puzzmo's media kit.

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