Tocabe Indigenous Marketplace Launches Direct-to-Tribe Ready Meal Program with Spirit Lake Nation

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DENVER, CO -- Access to nutritious, Native-sourced meal program enables thousands in Indigenous communities to access quick, healthy meals.

Tocabe Indigenous Marketplace (Tocabe) is proud to announce the launch of its Direct-to-Tribe Ready Meal program in partnership with Spirit Lake Nation, part of its Seed to Soul brand mission. With its first shipment of 2,000 meals, Tocabe will provide monthly deliveries of nutritious, traditional meals to the Spirit Lake community over the next two years. The meals are made using ingredients sourced from Native businesses and people.

"We are thrilled to provide the Spirit Lake community with access to healthy, traditional meals," said Mary Greene Trottier, Director of Spirit Lake Nation's Food Distribution Program. "Thanks to USDA/AMS for supporting our efforts to expand nutrition access in Indian Country."

This innovative program offers a range of menu items made with high-quality, Native, and locally-sourced ingredients, and comes fully cooked and ready to be heated and enjoyed. The meals will benefit members of the Food Distribution Program, targeting families and adults in need in the community. Recipients will pick up their meals at the community’s Food Distribution Program storefront.

The launch of the Direct to Tribe Ready Meal program marks years of hard work and capacity building in Indian Country, providing an opportunity for Tocabe to support Native producers and bring their delicious cuisine to more communities.

Said Ben Jacobs, co-founder of Tocabe and member of the Osage Nation, “We are incredibly excited to begin our partnership with the Spirit Lake community. With the support of Spirit Lake, this partnership is the epitome of our Seed to Soul mission by sourcing, creating, and distributing Native and Indigenous foods in a direct supply chain from the fields of producers to the hands of community members. Our partnership with Spirit Lake is the first step in supporting broader accessibility for traditional foods and meals in a nutritious, convenient way.”

About Tocabe Indigenous Marketplace

Tocabe Indigenous Marketplace (Tocabe) is dedicated to revitalizing Indigenous culture through the power of food. Founded over 14 years ago as Tocabe: An American Indian Eatery, the company's mission has always been to remove the barriers and challenges that make Native foods inaccessible. Today, Tocabe Indigenous Marketplace connects customers and their families to Indigenous ingredients and ready-made meals with just the click of a button.

Tocabe is making it easier for customers to enjoy Native and Indigenous foods, no matter where they are located. Tocabe’s commitment to sourcing ingredients from Native farmers, ranchers, producers, and caretakers ensures that each meal is not only delicious but also supports Native and Indigenous communities and helps preserve Indigenous culture.

At Tocabe Indigenous Marketplace, we believe that food is more than just sustenance—it's a powerful way to connect with our heritage, our community, and each other. Join us in our mission to interlink Native and Indigenous food systems with every household to make sure all peoples have access to foods that nourish our communities from seed to soul.

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