Together in Healing Launches to Support Sacramento in Addressing Childhood Trauma

Bilingual initiative empowers community through awareness, science-based healing strategies, and resources

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SACRAMENTO, CA -- In an effort to spur hope and celebrate community care, ACE Resource Network is launching the Together in Healing campaign today, designed to reach Sacramento individuals and families affected by the lasting effects of childhood trauma and other early adversity. The campaign, which runs through May, is intended to provide information and resources, foster a sense of solidarity and understanding, and highlight community connection as a vital source of ongoing support.

The bilingual initiative addresses the lasting effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), other childhood adversity, and toxic stress using an accessible approach that integrates awareness-building, digital engagement, personal narrative, and resource sharing. Central to the campaign are online landing pages in English ( and Spanish (HistoriaDeTuNumero/juntos), as well as bilingual social media channels (@MyNumberStory on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter/X), which serve as hubs for information, resources, and virtual community. These platforms offer an array of healing activities, evidence-based strategies for stress reduction, and a collection of Sacramento County and national resources curated for helping empower and support community members.

“The Together in Healing campaign reflects our support for a world where we can be real about the challenges we’re facing, be empowered by understanding the effects of our early life experiences, and be encouraged to show up for ourselves and each other with care,” says Joy Thomas, Director of Communications and Community Engagement for ACE Resource Network, the team behind the campaign. “We heal in relationship, in connection, in community. This campaign celebrates our capacity to create lasting change for ourselves and future generations.”

Early life experiences can affect health and well-being well into adulthood. Without enough support, ACEs or other early adversity can increase the risk of serious physical and mental health conditions, along with other challenges. ACEs and their negative effects can be passed from one generation to the next. To help address this through a lens of hope, Together in Healing leans into individual and collective strengths and strategies for healing and prevention.

Together in Healing is bolstered by support from leading creative and media partners, including HypeSmack, Tribune, iHeart, Amazon, Lamar, Clear Channel Outdoor, Fizzy Labs, Bloggin’ Mamas, and California Bountiful, ensuring the campaign’s messages are delivered across a range of platforms, from digital ads and billboards, to bus shelters and beyond. Widespread visibility helps normalize conversations around childhood trauma and health, emphasizing that healing and prevention are possible, and lifting up the role of community.

To learn more, visit or Anyone can help spread the word and join this vital movement to help empower and transform lives within their community and beyond.

About ACE Resource Network

ACE Resource Network‘s mission is to reduce childhood adversity and trauma by promoting a greater understanding of childhood trauma and toxic stress; advancing research; and increasing healing spaces and resources. Number Story was launched by ACE Resource Network as the first national public awareness campaign focused on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

About HypeSmack

HypeSmack, a division of Heather Lopez Enterprises LLC, specializes in targeted marketing strategies and content creation. With a proven track record of success with California and Hispanic-targeted clientele, such as Chicano Hollywood, Creep I.E. Con, Cinco de Mayo LA, Nissan, Bean and Chisme, Georgia Latino Film Festival, Nuestro Stories, and more; HypeSmack excels in connecting brands with diverse audiences through innovative digital and event marketing solutions. Their role in the Together in Healing campaign, in collaboration with ACE Resource Network, underscores their commitment to empowering Hispanic families in Sacramento County with resources to address childhood trauma.

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