Trader Vic’s Celebrates Their 90th Anniversary

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Trader Vic’s, the legendary tropical-themed empire, is poised to celebrate a momentous 90 years of culinary innovation, unparalleled ambiance, and the creation of their iconic ‘Mai Tai’ cocktail. Originating from a modest Oakland, California bar named ‘Hinky Dinks’, Trader Vic's has transformed into a global brand captivating audiences worldwide.

In tandem with Trader Vic's 90th anniversary, 2024 also marks significant milestones, with the ‘Mai Tai’ cocktail reaching its 80th anniversary, and noteworthy anniversaries for Trader Vic's locations in Dubai (30th year) and Tokyo (50th year), adding layers of celebration.

Trader Vic's roots trace back to 1934 when founder Victor Bergeron transformed ‘Hinky Dinks’ into an island paradise, laying the foundation for a culinary empire. Pioneering exhibition cookery, Bergeron introduced Chinese wood-fired ovens, grazing menus, and multi-ethnic fusion cuisine. The brand, the first of its kind, introduced once-exotic ingredients like Morel mushrooms, Malagasy green peppercorns, and kiwi fruit. In honor of the 90 years, each Trader Vic’s flagship worldwide will feature special celebratory menus, offering nostalgic nods to signature cocktails from each decade.

Eve Bergeron, instrumental partner and granddaughter of Trader Vic, expresses, “As we celebrate Trader Vic's remarkable 90-year journey, we honor not just my grandfather Victor Bergeron but also the guests and enthusiasts integral to this incredible story. Trader Vic's stands as a beacon of culinary innovation and a global ambassador of tropical ambiance, where multiple generations have created lasting memories. We look forward to embracing the past and the exciting future ahead.”

Rhett Rosen, CEO of Trader Vic’s, reflects, “Commemorating 90 years is a momentous occasion to reflect on the brand's enduring legacy and global impact. Trader Vic's has not only pioneered in the culinary world but symbolizes cultural fusion and unparalleled hospitality.”

In conjunction with the milestone celebrations, Trader Vic's highlights the remarkable growth of its e-commerce platform, the ‘Trading Post’. Launched in 2014, the Trading Post has evolved into a thriving online hub, offering a wide array of Trader Vic's products that ship nationwide in the United States. As part of the 90th-anniversary festivities, the Trading Post will feature exclusive promotions and limited-edition offerings.

With its unique charm, Trader Vic’s spans the globe, boasting the most extensive selection of rum-based cocktails worldwide. The brand's overseas journey began in 1963 in London at the Hilton on Park Lane, followed by notable establishments in Tokyo and Dubai. Global expansion not only showcases Trader Vic's commitment to authenticity but also its ability to thrive in diverse cultural landscapes.

Rosen adds, “Looking ahead, we are excited about the next chapter, committed to delivering exceptional experiences and expanding the Trader Vic's legacy globally. As the brand looks towards the future, it continues to innovate and evolve, with plans for further expansion and the introduction of new concepts under the Trader Vic's Hospitality Group umbrella.”

For the latest updates on Trader Vic’s 90th Anniversary celebrations, events, and news, visit: Trader Vic's Website. To purchase the 90th Anniversary limited edition glass and more, visit the Trading Post store website: Trading Post Store.

About Trader Vic’s

With 19 global locations in the United States, Middle East, and Asia, Trader Vic’s is renowned for its authentic island ambiance and world-famous Tiki cocktails. Home of the Original Mai Tai®, created in 1944 by Victor “The Trader” Bergeron, the legendary cocktail has become the most replicated tropical drink of all time. Offering innovative multi-ethnic fusion cuisine in a paradise escape, Trader Vic’s is a must-visit destination for happy hour, brunch, a leisurely supper, or any other occasion. Visit Trader Vic’s website for more information, and connect with Trader Vic’s on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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