‘TripLineDrop’: Art Show with a Twist of Rock and Roll on August 25th

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CHARLESTON, SC -- While Charleston has long been celebrated for its serene marsh scenes and paintings of egrets and sunsets, a vibrant community of renegade artists has emerged over the past few decades, shaping the city's contemporary art scene. Now, two outstanding artists, Mauricio Sánchez Rengifo (Masáre) and Scott Parsons, proudly call Charleston their home, and their groundbreaking works are ready to be showcased at a thrilling art event that promises to engage all the senses.

White Gallery and Austin Walker of ARW&CO are delighted to co-host this unique event, featuring the awe-inspiring creations of Masáre + Scott Parsons. The art show will not only display their captivating large-scale pieces up close and personal but also infuse the venue with live music, creating an immersive experience that brings the art to life. Performers include Paul Harris, Graham Whorley, and DJ Moldybrain. The event is sponsored by EZ Newswire, PDA - Production Design Associates, Soul Shine Studios and Gil Shuler Graphic Design, Devil's Foot Beverage Company, and 3 Keys Wine and Fatty's Beer Works.

Mauricio Sánchez Rengifo (Masáre) was born in Pereira, Colombia. As an architect, musician, and artist, he continuously explores materials, tools, visual effects, and audiovisual creation. "I always say (and think), 'Art is magic,' when people ask me, 'How do you do it?' And that's what I try to achieve in my paintings—searching for visual effects and illusions. I aim to amaze and captivate the eye and the brain" says Renfigo. His work revolves around recognizing images as fragments, not simply what meets the eye, but rather a product of the subconscious mind that unifies the information from each fragment or piece.

Scott Parsons' artistic journey began in his early years, drawing inspiration from comic books, cartoons, and movies. As an independent and self-taught artist, he explores various mediums, evolving styles, and vibrant subject matter. Known for his spray paint murals and detailed acrylic paintings, he now immerses himself in experimenting with acrylic pours in his home studio, creating abstract fluid landscapes and psychedelic colors. “Regardless of the inspiration, materials, and methods, my work consistently captures mutable states of consciousness, extending an open invitation for individual interpretation and a personalized experience.” says Parsons.

All art enthusiasts and curious minds are invited to celebrate the opening of ‘TripLineDrop’ on August 25th, 2023 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the White Gallery (709 Coleman Blvd, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464). For more information, please contact events@arwandco.com.

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