True Colors® International Announces Healthcare Personality Assessment for Healthcare Professionals, Set to Launch in February 2024

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SANTA ANA, CA -- True Colors® International, a global leader with a 45-year legacy in delivering unparalleled training and development services, today announced the upcoming launch of the True Colors® Healthcare Personality Online Assessment specifically designed for healthcare professionals.

With the healthcare industry constantly evolving and facing new challenges, medical workers must have the tools and resources they need to navigate these complexities. The True Colors® Healthcare Personality Online Assessment aims to provide healthcare professionals with a greater understanding of their personality traits and how they can effectively communicate and collaborate with colleagues and patients alike. By leveraging the power of True Colors' proven assessment methodology, they will be able to enhance their interpersonal skills and ultimately improve patient care.

True Colors® International President and Master Trainer, Dr. Bill Behrens says, "The launch of the True Colors® Healthcare Personality Online Assessment tool marks a significant step forward in supporting healthcare professionals and ultimately improving patient care. We are confident that it will make a lasting positive impact on the industry."  

The introduction of the True Colors® Healthcare Personality Online Assessment marks an exciting milestone for True Colors® International and reinforces their commitment to supporting individuals in various industries. By tailoring their assessment to meet the specific needs of Medical personnel, True Colors® is addressing a critical gap in the market and providing a unique value proposition for those in the healthcare field.

Looking ahead, True Colors® plans to continue expanding its offerings to meet the evolving needs of diverse industries. They remain committed to providing individuals and organizations with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in their respective fields.

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