TRVLR Joins Preferred Hotels & Resorts as Alliance Partner to Streamline Booking Processes and Enhance Agency-Hotel Relationship

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SANTA BARBARA, CA -- Last Tuesday marked an exciting development in the world of hospitality as TRVLR, the pioneering fintech-enabled hotel booking platform, joined Preferred Hotels & Resorts, the world’s largest independent hotel brand, as its latest Alliance Partner. This dynamic partnership aims to enhance the landscape of agency-hotel relationships by introducing innovative solutions to streamline booking processes and commission payments, optimizing financial transactions for all involved.

The inclusion of TRVLR in Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ esteemed network marks a significant milestone. By joining forces with a global leader in the luxury hospitality industry, TRVLR strengthens its market presence and gains access to an expansive network of hotels and partners.

At the heart of TRVLR’s mission is the revolutionization of the hotel booking experience with its fintech-enabled platform. Designed to eliminate commission losses, delays, and manual processes, TRVLR empowers travel agencies to manage bookings and financial transactions effortlessly. The partnership with Preferred Hotels & Resorts promises to amplify these capabilities, providing a seamless and efficient experience for travel agencies and hotels alike. 

Looking towards the future, TRVLR has ambitious plans to expand its offerings and drive continuous innovation in the travel industry. The company is committed to developing new features and technologies that further simplify the commission payment process, ultimately elevating the overall booking experience for agencies and hotels.

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TRVLR is a fintech-enabled hotel booking platform for travel agencies, designed to completely eliminate commission losses, delays and manual processes, enhancing business relationships between hotels and advisors.

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