University Furnishings Reaffirms Commitment to Category Leadership in Student Housing with Addition of Kara Brownlee to Senior Team

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DALLAS, TX -- Celebrating nearly two decades as a leading name in the student housing sector, University Furnishings has consistently championed groundbreaking innovations in furniture design and last-mile logistics. "Our primary focus is delivering an unparalleled customer experience," remarked EVP Lisa Dillon. To ensure continued industry leadership and adapt to emerging trends, the company realizes the importance of blending established principles with fresh perspectives.

In a strategic move to foster this vision, University Furnishings has added Kara Brownlee as  Senior Vice President of Business Development. Ms. Brownlee, formerly the Chief Operating Officer of BSIDE Partners—a respected name in student and multi-family real estate development and a valued client of University Furnishings—brings a comprehensive understanding of property development, construction, and site-level operations. Her diverse experience is expected to significantly enhance the company's ability to stay ahead of the ever-changing demands of clients and residents alike.

Leveraging the robust operational framework that University Furnishings has built over decades, along with Ms. Brownlee's unique insights cultivated through a customer's lens, the company seems well positioned to continue setting industry standards. Kara will collaborate extensively with CEO, Paul Dougan, and will also be a pivotal member of Executive Vice President, Lisa Dillon’s leadership team.


SOURCE: University Furnishings

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