Unwrapping Intimacy: Sex and Relationship Expert Dr. Deb Laino Recommends Her Top Stocking Stuffers and December Delights to Set the Mood This Holiday Season

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PHILADELPHIA, PA -- 'Tis the season for festive cheer, and there’s no better way to spread joy than by giving the gift of pleasure, according to Dr. Deb Laino, board-certified clinical sexologist, relationship therapist, and life coach.

“As the holiday season approaches, more people have time off, which allows for increased opportunities to connect with partners in both intimate and playful ways," says Dr. Deb Laino. "From sensual card games to adventurous toys to meaningful conversation, there's an array of exciting options to turn up the heat this December."

Dr. Deb Laino shares the following tips for creating memorable moments during the holiday season:

Naughty Stocking Stuffers: Elevate the excitement with carefully chosen adult toys. My top recommendations include the Trojan Tandem Ring for couples and the Trojan Bullet for personal pleasure. Pair these with Trojan H₂O Sensitive Touch water-based lube, safe for use with condoms like Trojan Bareskin Raw and Bareskin Latex Free, as well as most adult toys.

Consensual Gifting: Ensure that both you and your partner are on the same page by having open communication about desires and boundaries. Pleasuring one another can be the greatest gift of all, but consent is the foundation for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Explore Together: Dive into a world of shared fantasies and desires. Consider reading sensual literature together by the fire, exploring audio or visual content or attending a playful performance to ignite the spark between you and your partner.

Set the Mood: Dim the lights, take a bath together, massage each other, and relax into the holiday romance and excitement. This can really help to keep couples connected and present so they can explore together. Think of it as the "pre-game."

Plan Your Own After-Party: After the unwrapping, consider engaging in aftercare to ensure a positive and intimate experience. This may involve sharing a moment, enjoying a relaxing activity, or simply basking in the afterglow together.

"The holidays are a great time to re-connect with your partner, spend time having rich discussions about intimacy, and introducing some fun new ideas into your sexual exploration," added Dr. Laino. "After all, pleasure can be the best form of holiday stress relief!"

About Dr. Deb Laino

Dr. Deb Laino is a board-certified clinical sexologist, relationship therapist, life coach, and health advocate with over 20 years of experience. She is a professor at Jefferson University and Wilmington University and is a AASECT-certified sexuality educator and a board-certified clinical sexologist by the American College of Sexologists and the American Board of Sexology. Dr. Laino holds a doctorate degree in human sexuality, a master's degree in psychology, and a master's degree in education. She serves on the board of directors for BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers and Sweetlife Diabetes Health Centers.

For more information on Dr. Deb Laino, please visit https://www.yoursexdoc.com.

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