Warrior Rising to Host Business Shower in San Antonio, Texas

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SAN ANTONIO, TX -- Warrior Rising, the Nation's premier veteran entrepreneurship non-profit, will be hosting its 5th Veteran Business Shower™ this September. Having helped create and fund more than 100 Veteran owned businesses, Warrior Rising has established itself as the preeminent transition organization for prospective veteran entrepreneurs. The shower is being hosted at the Grunt Style headquarters, located in San Antonio, Texas. Grunt Style was founded by an Army combat veteran who grew the brand to be worth more than $100 million by selling not just clothing, but a lifestyle. Together these partners will hold a two-day seminar for 16 veteran entrepreneurs over the weekend of September 11th, a date that holds obvious significance for both active duty service members and Veterans.

The seminar will focus on key learnings from industry experts and successful entrepreneurs. Participants will be gifted a custom suit, new laptop, website development and SEO optimization, headshots, and the opportunity to present their brands in a "shark tank" style pitch competition where they'll be eligible for up to $20k in charitable grants.

Jason Van Camp, Founder and Executive Director stated, "The Warrior Rising Business Shower is our signature event. Similar to a bridal shower or a baby shower, the Warrior Rising business shower was created to give veterans everything they could possibly need to succeed in business. We provide veteran entrepreneurs the education, coaching, mentorship, equipment, tools, network, and funding to become a multi-million dollar business. It's an honor and privilege to be invited to a business shower, but we don't invite just anybody - veterans earn the right to attend our business showers through hard work and determination."

Warrior Rising will also be hosting a fundraising gala that same weekend at the historic Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in downtown San Antonio. The Tobin Center is located next to the San Antonio Riverwalk and is named for Robert L. B. Tobin, one of the city's most prominent residents. The Master of Ceremonies for the event will be Nick Palmisciano, film producer and co-author of New York Times best seller, Scars and Stripes. Special guests will also include guest speaker Rob O'Neill, one of the Navy SEALs present for the historic Bin Laden raid.

Nick Palmisciano emphasized, "As a young entrepreneur just out of the military, I made mistakes that cost me millions of dollars…all unnecessarily. When you're starting out, it's easy to feel like you have to work it out yourself. In fact, the military breeds that mentality. While that's great for personal resiliency, it's terrible for running a successful business. Business is about teamwork, and there is no better team than Warrior Rising. The training, mentorship, and support that Warrior Rising provides our nation's veterans is absolutely unmatched. There's no organization I've seen come close. As such, they have my unlimited support. "

With an ever-increasing impact on the Veteran community, Warrior Rising's upcoming Business Shower will serve as another testament to their continued service to our Nation's most valuable asset, the American service member.


SOURCE: Warrior Rising

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