What Do Drake and Nurse Shoe Company Gales® Have in Common?

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- Pop quiz! What do you get when you mix the flair of global superstar Drake and a shoe company that's all about pampering the feet of healthcare pros? No, it's not a new YOLO-inspired orthopedic shoe line (though we're open to collaboration, Drake!). It's a shared groove of celebrating those hospital hustlers, making both your heart and feet skip a beat!

"Gales® On My Feet" turned one today! Crafted by Gales®, this track didn't just aim to sell shoes. No siree! It threw the spotlight onto those rockstars in scrubs. And with choreography managed by Janet Langer, the one who gets J.Lo to shake a leg, you know it’s got some spicy steps.

Speaking of rhythm, anyone remember the track "Staying Alive" with Drake, DJ Khaled, and Lil Baby? Another jam that gave a nod to nurses. Our tune might not have Drake's hotline bling, but it’s got heart…and some pretty snazzy footwork!

"Gales® and Drake – sounds like the next big duo, right?" jokes Rob Gregg, Founder/CEO of Gales®. "Jokes aside, if there's one thing we share in common, it's putting healthcare heroes in the spotlight they deserve, one beat (and comfy shoe) at a time."

As we lace up for another year, hats off (or should we say shoes off?) to our fans, the foot-tapping medics, and everyone who’s danced along. Keep moving, keep grooving, and if Drake’s up for a shoe collab, our DMs are open!

About Gales®

Co-designed with over 1,500 nurses and healthcare professionals, Gales® slip-resistant, cloud-like comfort shoes are designed to support you on and off the clock!


SOURCE: Gales®

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